Wednesday 14 November 2018

Krakow in Pictures

 This time I’m ashamed to admit I can’t be arsed to bloody write, thank god some of you are thinking but, to be honest, I will let these pictures (iPhone ones I’m afraid) do the talking. Krakow was such a revelation, like most of Eastern Europe; these cities are little gems, so jaw-achingly pretty with milky shade buildings juxtaposed with a sort of noir sense of glamour in this gothic fairytale paradise. It’s cheap, extremely clean, if you want to eat some of the best burgers on earth and if you like your beer cold, crisp and by the gallon… should be on your stein (bucket) list. 

We flew to Krakow with Jet2 from Manchester and stayed in the heart of the hip Jewish Quarter at the New Charming Apartments which provided fantastic value for money, is as modern as modern can get, comfortably sleeps six and also has a balcony! Happy Days. 

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