Monday 5 November 2018

A quick foodie guide to Krakow

I’m going to be taking a bit of a different stance on my usual full holiday breakdowns. This time, I’m going to let you explore a short gastronomic tour of the truly magnificent Polish city of Krakow. Our time earlier this year in this truly spectacular gothic gem, tickled and tantalised our taste buds in a delightfully pleasant and unexpected way.

Down a side street in an underground cellar, we escaped the heat of the July sun and entered this luxurious and oasis-like calm interior. Almost out of an Arabian novel, I felt transported to a secret escape in Marrakesh ..... when I was actually in Poland eating in an Indian restaurant! This amazing eaterie not only had a sleek, modern interior but provided some of the most appetising butter chicken I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating; creamy and delicious but not too sweet, with just the right amount of tomato acidity. Mouth-watering! When you’re done, have a cocktail at the plush bar and/or relax in the upstairs lodge and sink into the mass of soft, plump cushions that adorn the seating.

Montana Burger’s and Hotdogs

On the way back from a long walk and at a very late hour, we followed our nostrils to the corner of Stradomska, where this little hole in the wall delivered some of the best and juiciest meat placed sliced bread imaginable. Krakownians like their meat and you will find fast food outlets all over the city but this places was so good, we just had to go back the very next day.

(haha it was too late to get another shot! I am ashamed, look at the smile on his face? haha) 

For proper, Neapolitan Pizza with the most wonderful dough base and tastiest, fresh toppings, head across the river and seek out this other hole in the wall establishment. I washed my Margherita pizza down with an ice cold white wine. Sit by the window and people watch and observe their envious faces as they see you tucking into the best authentic pizza in Krakow! I do apologise for my poor quality Instagram story shots but I simply had to show the rest of the world and let them drool enviously before enjoying!

Along the Vistula river, rollerbladers and lovers stroll down the banks of the water and of course, plenty of boat bars and restaurants abound. We picked 'Augusta', as it had the best roof deck for watching the world go by with a sophisticated cocktail in hand; yes it is slightly pretentious but with a view like this and some hard liquor who am I to complain?

Possibly one of the best bars on the planet and in the hippest district of Kazimierz, it hosts fantastic music nights and each room has its own distinct feel and d├ęcor. Like a walk into Narnia (literally, one of the doors is the front of a wardrobe) into a defunct cinema space and then onto Grandma’s communist kitchen. The cheap lace table covers and fake plastic flowers in a milk bottle only add to its quirky eccentricity and I could happily while away hours staring out the window with an ice cold beer (by the way, Alchemia offers some of the best beers on draft). If you like here (and by God, why wouldn’t you?) then I also recommend Bar Propaganda, located only a short walk away. It’s like having a drink in the least salubrious but best antique store in the world and if you are a collector/hoarder then this is paradise.


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