Monday 9 October 2017

A Outra Face da Lua

Off a side street, down a cobbled lane where people leisurely sit outside in brightly coloured suits and top hats and languish over cups of strong Portuguese coffee and order a mimosa with their brunch is an amazing little fashion spot called A Outra Face da Lua

Inside are rows and rows of pretty pearls, fascinators, hats, old luggage cases, glam dresses and enviably perfectly presented victory rolled haired staff.  Can you think of a more appropriate place to spend a leisurely long lunch? Who wants to do their vintage shopping with a cocktail? Why I do of course. Once you are perfectly cocktailed and kitted out and looking for your next fix of vintage where do you go? Well right opposite actually as there is another shop just there. 

A Outra Face da Lua R. Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa, Portugal

Viuva Alegre
R. Assunção 56, 1100-571 Lisboa, Portugal

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